One of the questions we ask all our patients is “how much do you drink”? We’re interested in cheap nba jerseys all type of fluid: tea, coffee, water, juice or alcohol. There are lots of different myths about how much water you should drink per day and our customers надежный often ask for clarification when we cover this cheap nfl jerseys area of enquiry.

I’m sure we’ve all heard that we should be drinking at least 2 litres or 8 cups a day and have you ever tried to do it? It’s really quite a large amount of water to squeeze in every day and then there’s the time it takes to squeeze it out too!

You may be relieved to hear that some clever bods from the American Journal of Physiology did a check on all the available studies on this topic [1] and concluded that this figure seems to have materialised from nowhere. They couldn’t find the original source, so without hard evidence to prove that this amount is correct, they concluded it was a myth and the amount is probably too high. Too high for healthy individuals in a climate like the UK who don’t do a lot of exercise, at least. The authors are careful to point out that it may be a sensible amount for someone to drink who is working outside in a hot climate, or someone who is doing intensive exercise.

Interestingly, our own NHS still use this as the guideline amount to drink on a daily basis [2]. So it seems like it’s hard to get everyone to agree!

And this is really the point. We’re all different, so there isn’t a set amount that’s right for everyone.

So how do you know if you are drinking enough?

Acupuncture theory suggests you should keep an eye on the colour of your urine. This gives a really good indication of how hydrated you are. Healthy wee is a light straw colour. If it’s dark yellow or orange, you most Acupuncture probably need to drink more. Colours 1-3 are healthy pee, colours for 4 – 8 aren’t great!

Any other colour could be a sign of something more serious, or maybe just a side effect of something you’ve eaten. There’s a great article on the Boots WebMD site [3] that summarises the colours and what they could mean. PLEASE, if the colour of your urine indicates that you could have a medical condition and always if you see blood, make an appointment with your GP.

What does water do for our bodies?

If you ever doubt how important water is, think of this; without it, we die. Here are some of the amazing things that water does for our bodies:

  • Water helps the body circulate nutrients to where they’re needed
  • It cools us down when we start to over-heat, by sweating
  • It flushes out parfum the things we don’t need like toxins and bacteria
  • Water keeps us co-ordinated and chirpy! [4] This is true for children [5] as well as adults.
  • Drinking water helps to keep headaches at bay. A headache is often a sign of dehydration
  • Dehydration also makes your skin look more wrinkled, so while it’s not a wrinkle cure, staying hydrated can improve the appearance of your skin

Are you convinced now? If you know you don’t drink enough water, try just adding one glass a day, taken at a set time until it becomes habit and then add another, until your urine is the right colour.

What’s the point?

From an acupuncture perspective, Water is one of the Five Elements that the entire theory of our style of traditional acupuncture is based around.

Bladder 65

One of the points commonly used for treating cystitis is known as Bladder 65. That means it’s located on the bladder meridian, and in this case it’s just ‘body-side’ of the bump on the outside of the side of your foot, before you reach your little toe.