What are the clinic opening hours?

The Wellhaven Clinic is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm. Treatments are normally on a Monday or a Friday.

What happens when I come for treatment?

First we will ask you how you’ve been since your last treatment and make a note of any changes. Once the discussion is complete, the practitioner will leave the room so you can undress to your underwear and make yourself comfortable on the couch; there will be blankets and towels to protect your modesty. The first thing your practitioner will always do is take your pulse – see the FAQ on pulses for more information on this. Then the treatment will commence. Once complete, the practitioner will again leave the room and allow you to dress before re-joining you.

Does acupuncture hurt?

The million dollar question! And the answer isn’t totally straightforward. Some people feel the needles more than others and of course, some locations in the body are more sensitive than others. Remember, the needles are very fine, so it’s nothing like having an injection from a doctor. We find that most patients find it entirely bearable, otherwise they wouldn’t come back!

When the practitioner takes my pulse, what are they looking for?

The pulses we take as an acupuncture practitioner are very different to those that your doctor would take. We feel 3 different locations on each wrist and 2 depths, so 12 pulses in all. We are interested in the speed of your pulse, like your doctor would be, but we’re also looking for many other signs. The 12 pulses relate to different functions of the body and the belief is that the character of the pulse tells us something about each function. We take your pulse at the start of each treatment, to help us decide what to do and then after each point is needled to see how the body has responded. Its our way of checking in with your body, mind and spirit to ask ‘what do you really need today?’.

Does my health insurance cover me for acupuncture?

Some private health firms do cover the cost of acupuncture. The amounts and rules vary, so make sure you check with your provider if you have private cover. The British Acupuncture Council keep a list which can be viewed here.

How will I feel after the treatment?

Most people feel very relaxed after the treatment and sometimes patients report feeling extremely tired that evening. We advise our patients to take it easy the evening of their treatment, to drink lots of water and avoid alcohol.

Is the practitioner qualified?

Yes, all our practitioners are fully qualified. Sally holds a first class B.A. honours degree in traditional acupuncture and also a licentiate In acupuncture. In the UK there are some short courses in acupuncture, which are popular with doctors and other health professionals like physiotherapists but this is largely a different style of acupuncture. There are also some short courses open to non-health practitioners and we would not recommend these.