• Does acupuncture work?
  • How can you prove that it works?
  • Is it all just a bunch of hocus pocus?

These are very important questions that anyone who is considering receiving some acupuncture should ask themselves. Luckily there cheap mlb jerseys is a growing body of research showing that it can help with many conditions.

Historically, it has challenge for the industry to develop research studies that stand to up against the methods used for testing drugs, for example. Where you can give someone a sugar pill instead of the real drug, you can’t ‘not needle’ someone. Fed: And the biggest problem we have is that we don’t do the same treatment for the same condition; evert patient is treated as an individual and the approach we use will be very different, wholesale NFL jerseys even if their condition is the same. In more recent times more and more cheap jerseys acupuncture Creating studies have been developed to overcome these issues and the body of evidence is is growing.

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) constantly work to review cheap Cleveland Browns jerseys new studies and add them to their growing knowledge base. If you’d wholesale NBA jerseys like to read more about how acupuncture might help with specific conditions, and the existing research in that field, take a look at their research fact sheets.