Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

World Health Organization

“Sally has done a brilliant job treating by bad knee.  I thought I would give acupuncture a go as I haven’t had much success with standard methods to get these sorts of problems fixed.  I have had just 3 treatments and my problem has already gone. I would strongly recommend treatment from Sally. Thanks for your help.

G.K. 44

“While having treatment at the Wellhaven Clinic, I have found that Sally has made me feel very comfortable while discussing my various health issues, bodily aches and pains and other aspects of my life. The environment feels very safe and confidential and its great to discuss progress with someone on a regular basis. Having sufficient time to talk about how I’m feeling really helps, alongside the treatment itself and there’s certainly nothing to worry about in relation to the insertion of the needles, which are really very fine.”

Anonymous patient

“I had been interested in trying acupuncture for a long time and it was Sally’s friendly, down to earth attitude which encouraged me to try it.

I love the way acupuncture treats you as a whole person taking into consideration your likes and dislikes.

The effects can be quite subtle sometimes and other times more obvious. Either way Sally’s positive take on things is very helpful.”

Jenny, 56